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2015 Command Fitness Leader Schedule

13 February, 2015 (11:53) | Uncategorized | By: John

CFL Seminars FY 15  

NAS Pensacola, FL         19-20 Nov 2014 
NS Norfolk, VA            03-04 Dec 2014 
Gitmo, Cuba               14-15 Jan 2015 
NAS Lemoore, CA           28-29 Jan 2015 

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Tired of Over Paying for Razors at the Ships Store?

29 October, 2014 (14:24) | Uncategorized | By: John

Tired of over paying for razors at the Ships Store?Get them delivered straight to your FPO / APO address!

Try the Dollar Shave Club. I’m paying 3$ for 5 razors per month.

PARFQ Login Access

29 October, 2014 (00:19) | Uncategorized | By: John

It’s that time of year again to complete your PARFQ. Here are the steps to access your PARFQ.

PARFQ login and Completion Steps:

1) Goto:

2) Click on CAC Login

3) Once you login to Bupers Online you will have the option to login to PRIMS / PARFQ

4) Click on PRIMS / PARFQ

5) You may need to enter your CAC pin again

6) Done, you can now complete your PRIMS PARFQ

New Federal Travel Regulations Change

27 October, 2014 (01:56) | Uncategorized | By: John

Bottom Line Up Front:

Starting November 1st 2014 travelers that fall under the Joint Federal Travel Regulations will receive 75% of their Lodging and Meal expense for travel spanning 31-181 days. They will receive 55% of their lodging and meal expense for travel spanning 181+ days. Travel less than 31 days remains unchanged.

This change is a direct result of belt tightening across all of the Department of Defense and is reflected in the most recent Joint Federal Travel Regulations.

More information can be found here at

Physical Readiness Program E-Gram – September 2014

22 October, 2014 (22:59) | PRP E-Gram | By: John

Physical Readiness Program E-GRAM


5720 Integrity Drive, Millington TN 38055 - OPNAV N170B – September 2014


Are ACFLs qualified to conduct a PFA?

YES! ACFLs are to be trained by the CFL and designated in writing. ACFLs shall be CPR certified and be competent to conduct PRT, BCA, FEP, and command PT. All ACFLs shall be non-tobacco users and meet the same PFA requirements as the CFL.

Information on PRIMS

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Navy Barracks Cookbook

22 October, 2014 (22:51) | Healthy Eating | By: John

The Navy Physical Readiness Program Released the Navy Bachelor Housing – Barracks – Cookbook. It is a free download with 30 pages of easy to make, healthy meals designed for the Barracks Bachelor / Bachelorette.

Navy Fitness Announces Three New Workout Series and Apps

12 October, 2014 (20:18) | Training Tips | By: John

131018-N-TE278-018WASHINGTON (NNS) — Commander, Navy Installations Command’s Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) program is expected to launch three new workout series apps for your smart phone or tablet, June 20. These high-intensity programs – the Strength, Endurance, and Sandbag series – provide Sailors with a “best-in-class” physical fitness and nutrition program.

NOFFS was developed by the Navy in partnership with EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance Institute). The Operational Series provides the foundational exercises that are designed to replicate the activities Sailors conduct in their operational duties: lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying. Each additional series (Strength, Endurance, and Sandbag) was developed to provide training modes that address the special interests of users.

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NAVADMIN 231/13 – PRT Program Changes

12 October, 2014 (20:15) | NAVADMIN | By: John

R 122105Z SEP 13


 RMKS/1.  This NAVADMIN outlines policy changes to ref (a) that are effective upon the release of this 
    a.  Sailors requiring a deployment health assessment (DHA) in the form of either a Post Deployment 
Health Assessment (PDHA) or a Post Deployment Health Re-assessment (PDHRA), must be within 
assessment periodicity to participate in the PFA.
    b.  The number of days allowed for Sailors to complete the physical readiness test (PRT) after the 
official body composition assessment (BCA) date is increased from 10 to 45 days.

2.  Medical clearance.  Per ref (a), paragraph 5b; the PFA includes a medical screening, BCA, and PRT.  
    a.  Per ref (a), enclosure (1) paragraph 4d, Sailors shall not participate in the PRT without medical 
clearance.  New medical screening policy requires all Sailors to maintain a current PHA, which includes, 
when required, a current DHA - either PDHA or PDHRA.  
Sailors required to complete a DHA that are not current and those who have not completed a PHA 
within the required periodicity are precluded from participation in the PRT portion of the PFA.  If a PFA 
(BCA and PRT) is not completed because of a delinquent PHA or DHA, the commanding officer (CO) may 
assign the member a "UA" status in the Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) for 
the missed PFA.
    b.  All personnel are required to complete their Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ) in 
PRIMS as a prerequisite to participate in the PFA.  The PARFQ is not valid unless the PHA and, if required, 
the DHA are within the required periodicity.
    c.  A "yes" response to any question on the current cycle PARFQ other than question one, requires 
medical clearance be documented on the bottom of the PARFQ and certified by an authorized medical 
provider unless a medical waiver is required.  If a medical waiver is required, the waiver must be issued 
on the official PFA medical waiver/clearance (NAVMED 6110/4) and approved by the CO prior to the 
BCA portion of the PFA.  
    d.  A PARFQ is not required if the PRT will not be conducted (i.e.  DEP/OP, IA, TAD, etc).

3.  Sailors can check the status of their PHA/DHA by logging into BUPERS on-line at and selecting individual medical readiness status.

4.  BCA scheduling requirements.  The BCA shall be completed within 45 days of, but not less than 24 
hours prior to, participation in the PRT.  The official BCA is the first and only BCA taken during the 
command PFA.  If the recorded PRT is not completed within 45 days of the official BCA, the CO may 
assign a participation status of "UA"  for the PRT.  This policy applies to both active and reserve Sailors.
5.  Above policy updates will be incorporated into the forthcoming revisions of refs (a) and (b).

6.  Point of contact is Mr. Bill Moore, Director, Physical Readiness Program, N170 at (901) 874-2210/DSN 
882, or via e-mail at navyprt(at)

7.  Released by Vice Admiral W. F. Moran, N1//